Mayday Checklist

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This is a checklist for Command Mayday checklist.  I used to keep it in the pocket of my turnout coat.  Use it, modify it, whatever.  Merry Christmas _____ Acknowledge MayDay _____ Clear Radio Traffic — (Dispatch emergency transmission) _____ Attempt to determine Who/What/Where info. Conduct PAR if  unknown. Consider Dispatch to replay tape _____ Switch fire […]

Fireground Russian Roulette: How Many Bullets are in Your Gun?

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Anyone who knows me or has seen me or read my stuff knows I am a huge building construction zealot.  My feeling is that if you do not know how the building was put together, you will not know many other crucial things such as: –the paths of least resistance for fire — the best […]

The Rig and the New Firefighter

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Just had a other thought about the rig thing I just posted.  For new firefighters as they come into FF1, one way you can ensure they check out the rig is to give them the following homework:  Produce an inventory of the apparatus you are assigned to.  This is a way to force them into […]

Know your Rig

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  One of the most basic requirements of a firefighter is to know his equipment.  Even more basic is to know where it is on the apparatus.  There is nothing worse than having to rummage through the compartments for a tool that your officer has ordered and expected you to return with.  The consequences of […]

The New Edition to Fireground Strategies is out!

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Thanks to Pennwell, Fire Engineering, and all who made this possible

Blog Talk Radio

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Tune in with me and Chief Jim Duffy from Wallingford, CT to Fire Engineering Blog Talk radio for Fireground Strategies and Other Stuff from the Street.  Our next show is November 30. See and like our Facebook page for more info

Technology and Recon

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Technology and Recon There is a great deal of technology out there that can help us do the job better and safer.  We have computer databases that can identify at the push of a button so many things about a building, it’s almost like we live there.  These can show pictures and also give building […]

Welcome to the Blog

Hey.  Just wanted to say hi to all.  Thanks to Fire Engineering for making this possible.  Will try to post regularly.   New edition out any day.  Check out the cover.  Be safe

The Fire Attack-Ventilation Connection: Street Considerations

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In addressing and researching the recent scientific information regarding coordinating fireground operations in the modern fire environment, I analyzed the information and put it into terms that make it easier for me to understand and to pass on through my teachings and in the update of the third edition of my book Fireground Strategies. This […]


Anthony Avillo started the job on the former Weehawken (NJ) Fire Department, which, along with Union City, North Bergen, West New York, and Guttenberg, merged in 1999 to form North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue. Anthony was assigned as 1st Platoon regional tour commander. He has a B.S. in fire science from New Jersey City University […]

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