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PROACTIVE REPORTING I want to cover some issues regarding the importance of fireground reports.  We often refer to the fire service as being proactive when in reality we are one of the most reactive businesses out there.  Look at the gear we wear, the apparatus we operate, and the codes that must be enforced.  Almost […]

Experience-based decisions

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  I want to talk a bit about how much influence our experience has on our decisions on the fireground.  While no two situations are alike and every fire presents different issues, we must understand the mechanisms by which we operate. In a study conducted by the military regarding the command activities of FDNY, it […]

Cold-weather firefighting: Nowhere to run to, baby. Nowhere to hide

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Cold-weather firefighting: Nowhere to run to, baby. Nowhere to hide (Ron Jeffers) If the only place you’ve seen ice is in your drinks, you have missed out on of half the “fun” of being a firefighter. Those of us who have braved the winters know how brutal it can be.  Especially, as a Chief, there […]

Fireground Russian Roulette: How Many Bullets are in Your Gun?

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Anyone who knows me or has seen me or read my stuff knows I am a huge building construction zealot.  My feeling is that if you do not know how the building was put together, you will not know many other crucial things such as: –the paths of least resistance for fire — the best […]

The Fire Attack-Ventilation Connection: Street Considerations

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In addressing and researching the recent scientific information regarding coordinating fireground operations in the modern fire environment, I analyzed the information and put it into terms that make it easier for me to understand and to pass on through my teachings and in the update of the third edition of my book Fireground Strategies. This […]