Mayday Checklist

This is a checklist for Command Mayday checklist.  I used to keep it in the pocket of my turnout coat.  Use it, modify it, whatever.  Merry Christmas

_____ Acknowledge MayDay

_____ Clear Radio Traffic — (Dispatch emergency transmission)

_____ Attempt to determine Who/What/Where info. Conduct PAR if  unknown. Consider Dispatch to replay tape

_____ Switch fire ops to different frequency — (use Dispatch Emerg Transmission).

_____ Additional Alarms — 1 for fire / 1 to support rescue

_____ Level II staging for additional alarm companies

_____ Request additional chief officers.

_____ Dispatch to notify COD (chief of dept.)

_____ Consider using a company on scene as 2nd RIC

_____ Request additional RIC Team.

_____ Request ALS. — EMS / ALS  to CP

_____ Deploy RIC Team to find victim.

_____ Consider hoseline support for RIC operation.

_____ Establish Rescue Division Supervisor – BC.

_____ Assign firefighting operation to another BC.

_____ Consider — Assign Command Company.

_____ Conduct PAR on firefighting ops frequency.

_____ Evaluate on-scene resources.

_____ Assign personnel to monitor building.

_____ PD open lane for EMS to get out / escort

_____ Determine what hospital (Trauma / Burn Center).

_____ Dispatch to contact hospital.

_____ CISD

_____ Relief, rehab and release of affected company

_____ Document.


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